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Oral History Project: Fairview

Welcome! Feel free to get lost in the stories of the Fairview community as it has grown and developed into a foundational neighborhood within the Anchorage Municipality.   On this page, you will find transcripts and a link to a sample of sound vignettes from 20 long-time Anchorage residents that call the Fairview neighborhood their home.  Enjoy stories about growing up in Fairview from the 60’s to stories about what it is like to live in Fairview today.  The oral history on this site is made possible by generous funding from the Alaska Humanities Foundation, in cooperation with Judith Owens-Manley, Bree Kessler, and the Center of Community Engagement and Learning at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  If you have an interest in listening to the complete audio recordings, please contact me at


Young Family Stories 

The Appeal of Fairview

Old Timer and New Comer

Moving Into Fairview

Mother and Son

Growth in the Community

Dinner with Family and Friends

Conversation with a Community Activist

A Thirty Five Year Perspective

A Look at Fairview Compared to Government Hill



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