Talking Anchorage



Doctoral Committees (member)

Katherine Torrey. Department of English (Rhetoric), 2012-2013
Michelle Seref. Department of English (Rhetoric), 2010-2011
Libby Anthony. Department of English (Rhetoric), 2010-2013
Naureen Bhullar. (Prelim Committee) Department of Psychology, 2005.
Susan Groenke. Department of Teaching and Learning, 2002-3.

MA (Chair)

Shanna Allen. Department of English, 2014-
September Reynaga. Department of English, 2014-2015
Madeline Hall. Department of Anthropology (Co-Chair with Marie Lowe), 2014 (withdrawn)

MA (member)

Daniel Ferguson, Business, 2016
Alex Taitt, Anthropology, 2016-
Beth Waetjen. English Department, 2014-2015.
LaVon Shearer, English Department, 2014-2015.
Cheri Lemieux. English Department, 2005.
Clay Delk. English Department, 2003-4.
Chris Burgoyne. English Department, 2000-1

Undergraduate Research Grants (Mentor and Supervisor)

Yvette Pype. Department of Anthropology, OURS Program, $1200, June 2015
Alyx Shroy. Department of Anthropology, OURS Program, $2000, June 2014.
David Reamer. Department of English, OURS Program, $2000, June 2014.

Courses Taught

Introduction to Linguistics
Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics
Intermediate Grammar
Nature of Language
Contemporary Linguistics
Working English Grammar
The Languages of Native America
Language and Culture
Modern English Linguistics
English Syntax
Language and Society
Composition and Rhetoric for First Year College Students
Language Variation Mini-Course in Language and Writing
Undergraduate Research

Language and Gender
Language and Culture: Sociolinguistics
Linguistic Discourse Analysis

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