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Books and Monographs


Sociolinguistic Constructs of Ethnic Identity: The Syntactic Delineation of a Native
American English Variety. 2003. Publications of the American Dialect Society, Number 87. Durham: Duke University Press. 106 pp.

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In the World: Lumbee Language in Time and Place. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina State University Humanities Extension/Publications. 93 pp.
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Book Chapters

Carter-Tod, Sheila, and Clare J. Dannenberg. 2010. “Language Diversity Awareness: Identity and Dialect in the Writing Classroom.” In Diversity in the Composition Classroom by Hale, Holmes, and Mutschelknaus. Fountainhead Press.

Articles in Refereed Journals


Heidi Y. Lawrence, Bernice L. Hausman, and Clare J. Dannenberg. 2014.
Reframing Medicine’s Publics: The Local as a Public of Vaccine Refusal. Journal of Medical Humanities, 35,2: 111-129.

The Moral Appeal of Environmental Discourses: The Implication of Ethical Rhetorics. (With Bernice Hausman, Katy Powell, and Heidi Lawrence). 2012. Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture, 6, 2: 212-232.

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Mercer and Monroe Counties, West Virginia. 2010. Southern Journal of Linguistics,
34, 1: 1-20.

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Personal Datives: The Theoretical Significance of Syntactic Variation. American Speech, 81.1: 31-55.

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Peoples in the Southeast. 2005. Southern Anthropologist, 30: 37-57.

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Context: The Case of Lumbee American Indian English. English World-Wide, 20: 79-116.

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Clare J. Dannenberg and Walt Wolfram. 1998. Ethnic Identity and Grammatical
Restructuring: Be(s) and Lumbee English. American Speech, 73: 139-59.

In Press:

Linguistic Differences and Online Education. In Press. Sage Encyclopedia of Online Learning. Sage Press.

Difference not Deficit: A Linguistic Primer (with Dr. Katie Dredger) English Leadership Quarterly. NCTE.

In Revision:

Children and Gender Neutral Language: A Case Study (35 ms. pp.) (to be submitted to Ampersand, Fall 2016)

In Progress:

Moving Towards an Understanding of Local Identity in Urban Alaska (ms. pp. TBD) (to be submitted to Dialectalogia, Fall 2016)

From the Outside Looking In: Advocating a Community Network Approach to Community Engaged Research and Pedagogy (20 ms. pp.) (Special Issue of Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship)

Community Narratives: Social Deixis and Nested Locality in Anchorage, Alaska. (to be submitted to Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, Fall 2016)

Papers and Reports

Fairview Oral History (with David Reamer and in collaboration with Judith Owens-Manley). Report for the Alaska Humanities Forum and Fairview Community Council. 20 ms pp.

Susan Marmagas, Clare J. Dannenberg, Francois Elvinger, and Bernice Hausman. Cumberland Plateau Flu Vaccine Report for the 2009-2010 Season. 2011. Virginia Health Department. 82 pp.

Clare J. Dannenberg and Walt Wolfram. 1999. The Roots of Lumbee English. Raleigh, NC.
North Carolina: Language and Life Project. 34 pp.

Walt Wolfram, Clare Dannenberg, and Bridget Anderson. 1998. Dialects and
Appalachian English. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina Language and Life Project. 63 pp.
Walt Wolfram, Natalie Schilling-Estes, and Clare Dannenberg. 1998. A Dialect Dictionary of Lumbee English. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina Language and Life Project. 20 pp.

Invited Articles

Sociolinguistics in Real Time. 2000. American Speech, 75: 254-57.

Encyclopedia Articles


Lumbee English. 2007. Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. Chapel Hill,
NC: University of North Carolina Press. 500 words.

Isolated Language Varieties. 2006. Encyclopedia of Language and
Linguistics. Kidlington, Oxford: Elsevier Publications. 20 mss. pp.

Attitudes toward Appalachian English. 2006. Encyclopedia of
Appalachia. Johnson City, TN: Center for Appalachian Studies and Services, ETSU. 1000 words.

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